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After last Thursday’s Council Meeting we have written to the Deputy Premier, John Barilaro, urgently seeking his intervention in a recent decision that would see the closure of the local John Holland rail works depot in Nyngan.  A large multinational company, UGL Regional Linx, have won the contract issued by Transport for NSW, for rail track maintenance replacing John Holland Rail from January next year.  Their CEO has told us that the Nyngan Works Depot was not included in their contract submission, the only existing depot left out in their tender.  We have asked the Deputy Premier to have Transport for NSW reverse this decision and have the Nyngan Works Depot, and its current seven employees, remain open.  Whilst the local chaps will be offered other positions elsewhere, this is not the same as maintaining the local depot with current employment numbers.  We are told a mobile crew from Dubbo will replace the Nyngan Works Depot and crew.  Their CEO told us that the main reason to close Nyngan was that the structural improvements to the track to Cobar, and keeping the line well maintained, meant that a mobile crew from Dubbo could replace the local works crew.  Failure of the current local crew to maintain the track, with their knowledge of necessary monitoring needed after heavy rain or days of over 40°C temperature, could put the safety of the line at risk.  This number of local jobs are miniscule to this large company’s budget, but very important to our local economy, and local families, if they are discontinued.

Council considered what local projects, many previously being suggested at an earlier community meeting, could be included to be funded from two government grants.  $769,576 has been allocated to Council from the State Governments Stronger Country Communities Fund, with half of this fund to be spent on promoting women’s sport.  Projects included were a return water line at the pool, levee bank walking paths, toilets and shower block adjacent to the new pony club arena, Bogan River bush care group, street tree planting, new fence around remainder of showground and contribution to the project management fees.

The Federal Government had allocated Bogan Shire Council with a $4,656,512 grant from its Resources for Regions Fund.  Projects included developing the Hoskins Street subdivision (pound paddock) for new housing and sewerage extension along Oatley Street, extensions to the Early Learning Centre, female change rooms at Larkin Oval, improvements to our three villages and Collereina Hall, extensions to O’Reilly Park skate park and adventure playground, waste facility upgrades, new footpath in Pangee Street and a contribution to the project management.  Council certainly appreciates this money, which as with previous grants, will enable projects to be carried out that we would not have been able to fund.

Council currently has seven grader teams working on Shire Roads carrying out construction (Cockies Road, Tottenham Road and Mitchell Highway), flood damage repairs, resheeting and maintenance grading.  Councillors will be carrying out a roads tour on Thursday 10 June to inspect some of these works and other Shire road conditions.

Each year the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal set the allowable fees to be paid to Mayors and Councillors.  A 2% cap on increases has been set in line with the same 2% increase cap set on general income or rates for the coming financial year.  As in previous years of this current Council, Councillors, Deputy Mayor and Mayor have taken the allowable increase, and then will donate this increase back to a local charity of their choice.

Ray Donald OAM


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