Vegetation & Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weeds

Council is responsible for the control of noxious weeds in the Bogan Shire. For more infomation click the following link.

Street Trees

The following details Council's policy regarding street trees.

  1. Street trees may only be planted on footpaths and not on the carriageway between kerbs or between future kerb lines except that where trees are in existence at the present time outside such designated area and they need to be replaced, they may be replaced with a new tree in the present location
  2. Street trees may only be planted by the Council or with Council's permission;
  3. The alignment for any new street trees shall be midway between the outside edge of the concrete footpath and the face of the concrete kerb.
  4. Where there is no concrete footpath and/or concrete kerb, the alignment shall be as directed by the Shire Engineer;
  5. Where there are overhead power lines, street trees shall be of the shrub type such as callistemon, melaleuca or grevillea which do not normally grow more than 5 metres in height;
  6. Where there are no overhead power lines, trees which grow to a taller height may be approved but in no circumstances will trees which develop a large lateral root system be permitted;
  7. Street trees may not be removed without the permission of Council;
  8. That where existing trees are required to be removed, Council replace them with suitable trees.

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