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Water Supplies

The goal of Council is to provide an efficient and effective water supply to Nyngan and villages.

The town of Nyngan on the Bogan River has a reliable filtered water supply which is pumped from a weir pond adjacent the town, conventionally chemically and physically treated, pumped into filtered water storage reservoirs and on demand reticulated for domestic and commercial use.

The village of Hermidale has a dual raw water supply system comprising of a ground tank, overhead storage tanks and reticulation system which is supported by a separate backup reticulation system direct for the Cobar Water Board's Nyngan to Cobar pipeline.

The villages of Girilambone and Coolabah have a raw water system comprising of a ground tank, overhead storage tank and a reticulation system. A ground tank at Wilga supplements this system for both villages.


The goal of Council is to provide an efficient and effective sewerage service to Nyngan.

The original Nyngan scheme was constructed in the 1950s and consisted of gravity reticulation, gravity trunk mains, two major and minor pumping stations, one major rising main and two minor rising mains and a conventional sedimentation and trickling filter treatment works.

Augmentation of the original scheme was completed in 1991 and consisted of sewering previously subdivided north eastern areas which had septic tank on-site disposal, and the construction of a new pumping station, rising main and replacement of the existing treatment works with an oxidation pond system adjacent to the existing sewage treatment works. The ponds are located 1km from Nyngan on the Colane Road, beyond the town's levee banks.

The oxidation ponds consist of three large shallow ponds, constructed of earth embankments. Raw sewerage is stabilised within the ponds by the natural photosynthetic process of algae in conjunction

with the oxidation processes of bacteria. Disposal of the treated effluent is by flood irrigation on adjacent land.


Drinking Water Quality Management Report

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