Senior Management

General Manager - Derek Francis

The corporate goal of the General Manager is to pro-actively manage the corporate affairs of Council to ensure an innovative, customer focused organisation, which enhances and promotes the unique character of Bogan Shire.

 Director Engineering Services - Graeme Bourke

The corporate goal of Engineering Services is to provide, develop and maintain the Shire's infrastructure assets in terms of its transport services (roads, footways, ancillary services), utility services (water, sewerage, drainage) and open space recreation facilities (parks, reserves, ovals, showground etc.) and to provide adequate resources to facilitate emergency service requirements.

The principal activities of the Engineering Services department include:

    • Road maintenance
    • Maintenance and reconstruction of footpaths and kerbs and gutters
    • Stormwater management
    • Flood levee maintenance
    • Maintenance of Nyngan Aerodrome
    • Water supply
    • Sewerage service

Director Development and Environmental Services - Cathy Black 

The corporate goal of Development and Environmental Services is to promote, develop and maintain the natural and built environment and protect the community from risks to health and safety by properly monitoring buildings, swimming pools, development, food, waste services and facilitating services for a safe, clean, healthy and orderly environment which will in turn improve the quality of life for citizens of the Shire. Also to undertake timely and effective forward planning of the Shire land use and infrastructure requirements.

The principal activities of the Development and Environmental Services department include:

    • Development applications
    • Garbage collection and maintenance of waste disposal depots
    • Building applications
    • Subdivisions
    • Health inspections
    • Noxious weeds
    • Dog control
    • Swimming pool
    • Maintenance of Council owned buildings
    • Cemetery maintenance
    • Maintenance of various parks, gardens and recreation areas

Director People and Community Services - Debb Wood

The corporate goal of People and Community Services is to provide a connected and cohesive community with opportunities for all residents, workers and visitors to fully participate in the educational, cultural and recreational activities which build a community. Also to stimulate and maintain economic growth and to build a strong local economy, supporting the development of local businesses and attracting people to the Shire.

The principal activities of the People and Community Services department include:

    • Children’s services
    • Medical Centre Services
    • Library services
    • Visitor Information
    • Tourism
    • Museums
    • Economic Development
    • Community Events
    • Volunteer Group Support
    • Work Health and Safety services

Director Finance and Corporate Services – Stephanie Waterhouse

The corporate goal of Corporate Services is to provide effective financial planning and reporting to ensure Council remains in a sound financial position, implement revenue policies which provide a fair and equitable distribution of the rate burden and maximise revenue from user charges, regulatory fees and contributions. Also to ensure effective use of information technology throughout all the operations of Council and to maintain effective administrative support to fulfil Council's broad range of services and activities.

The principal activities of the Finance and Corporate Services department include:

    • Corporate planning
    • Commercial/business activities management
    • Risk Management services
    • Public Relations
    • Insurance Management services
    • Facility bookings
    • Telephone and Counter services
    • Rating services
    • Debtors and Creditors
    • Financial planning
    • Information Technology


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