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Cobb & Co. Heritage Trail

The Bathurst to Bourke Cobb & Co. Heritage Trail recalls the history of the days of Cobb & Co., when the Royal Mail coach was the main link for settlers with the distant towns. Today's traveller can explore the roads from Bathurst to Bourke, discovering the relics of the 19th century inns, changing stations and homesteads.

Starting Point – Nyngan

Check with the Bogan Shire Council, Cobar Street or the Tourist Information Agent, Old Warren Road as to the condition of the roads. Many roads are unsealed and may require 4WD in certain weather conditions. Remember to take special care of animals on the roads when travelling, but especially close to dusk. On these two tours you have the opportunity to travel over some of the original Cobb & Co. roads as an alternative to the highway. The many rivers and creeks in this part of the west have resulted in very fertile farm land, and important sheep breeding country.

Tour 1:

Nyngan, Canonba, Buckiinguy, Willie Retreat, Coolabah and Girilambone Loop - 250 km. This is a marvellous full day tour along the many rivers and creeks of Bogan Shire - including the Gunningbar Creek, Duck Creek, Marra Creek, the Macquarie Marshes and the Bogan River. Take a picnic lunch and find a picturesque spot beside one of the many streams to stop a while and enjoy the history, scenery and bird life.

Tour 2:

Nyngan, Canonba, Bogan River Crossing and Girilambone Loop - 130 km. A shorter tour that is still full of beautiful scenery and historic sites. Again take a lunch with you and picnic beside the Duck Creek or the Bogan River Crossing or maybe on the tranquil site where Canonba village once stood. in the vibrant Bogan Shire.


A very early settlement grew up here on the banks of Duck Creek servicing the early pioneers and Cobb & Co. travellers to the outback. Much of the town was owned by John Brown and so it was dubbed "Brownstown". Today it is a great picnic and fishing spot. Nearby are the graves of some of those early settlers, and an unusual "zig zag" fence, where coaches could pass from one paddock to another without gates.


Was owned by Cobb & Co. in 1865 and used as a breeding station for their horses and cattle. Today old 'Yucca' plants remain to mark the original homestead site.


is just on the edges of the Macquarie Marshes and remnants of stables and an inn still exist here.

Accommodation is available for a stopover or longer stay and there are tours of the Macquarie Marshes available from Willie Retreat. Contact Willie Retreat to arrange.


Takes its name from a primitive inn that stood nearby called "Monkey". Today only remnants of bricks and bottles remain - but once the 'pub' must have been a welcome sight to lonely travellers.


is a small village today with a big past. An interpretive sign near the well tells part of the story, while the cemetery contains the grave of the founder of Coolabah - Charles Werner.

Call at the General Store or Hotel and ask about the mysterious earlier village of the 'The Legs of Man'.

6. GIRILAMBONE (Jeri^lam^bone)

Has a General Store that has survived since the Cobb & Co. days.


Near the site of Larsen's pub. Hotels were usually on the banks of creeks and rivers as a ready water source which was so necessary for horses and travellers. Also, if the river rose in floods, the pub could provide accommodation for a long stay. This river crossing is a beautiful spot to stop and spend some time exploring.


River Activities

The Bogan River is an easy walk from town and hosts a range of activities to enjoy including:

  • Canoeing
  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • Water Skiing
  • Relaxing on the banks with a BBQ or picnic


Sporting Activities

Bogan Shire is host to a vast range of sporting and recreation clubs including Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Pony Club, Netball, Dancing & Performing Arts, Guides, Little Athletics, Golf, Bowling and many more. For further details please take a look at our Local Directory.

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