Information for Rate Payers

Rates payments are payable on an annual or quarterly basis.

If you wish to pay your rates on an annual basis the due date will be the 31st of August each year. Quarterly installments are due on the following dates:

  • 31st August 2022
  • 30th November 2022
  • 28th February 2023
  • 31st May 2023


Any person listed on a title who disposes of the related estate or interest in land continues to be liable to pay a rate or charge levied in respect of the land if the rate or charge was levied before the estate or interest was disposed of, or after the estate or interest was disposed of, but before the Notice of Transfer is given to Council.

If you intend to pay rates and charges in full (one single instalment payment), the instalment must be received by 31st August.

Rates and charges can be paid by instalments as per the front of the rates and charges notice. Instalment notices will be sent out one month before payment is due. Sufficient time should be allowed to ensure payment is received on or before the due date.

Amounts not received by the due date are subject to daily interest charges. If there are arrears of rates or charges shown on this notice, they will already be accruing interest and should be paid immediately. The due date for payment refers to the current instalment only and NOT to rates and charges in arrears.

In certain circumstances, alternative arrangements for payment of rates and charges may be made, however interest charges will apply. Please contact Council’s Rates Officer if you have a problem with paying rates and charges by the dates shown on this notice. Failure to reach a mutually acceptable arrangement with Council may result in an escalation of the recovery process without notice and the potential for legal action to be taken at your expense.

Holders of Centrelink Pensioner or Department of Veteran Affairs Concession Card may be eligible for a rates rebate. In order to take advantage of this concession please contact council in person to complete a Pension Rebate application form. Should you become a Pensioner after the date of this notice, a rebate may apply proportionate to the number of full quarters remaining. Please note pension rebates are NOT shown on instalment notices.

If you live in a single dwelling on land that could be subdivided or developed, the rateable value of your land may be more than is usual for a single dwelling. If this is the case you may be able to postpone the payment of part of your rates.

The Local Government Act 1993 requires all land to be categorised according to its use. There are four categories: Farmland, Residential, Business and Mining. If you disagree with the category or the use of the land has changed you must contact the Rates Officer, in writing, within 30 days to discuss how the category is to be reviewed or to lodge an appeal. Regarding change of category, see Section 524 (notice), Section 525 (application), Section 526 (appeal) of the Local Government Act.

A property may be non-rateable if it belongs to and is used in relation to the activities carried out by churches, schools, public hospitals, charities or public institutions, as per Sections 555 and 556 of the Local Government Act 1993.

It is the ratepayer’s responsibility to inform Council of any changes to their mailing address. In the interests of individual privacy Council requires all such changes to be made in writing, please use the Change of Address slip below.

For assistance regarding rating matters please contact Council’s Rates Officer on
(02) 6835 9000 or visit and follow the ‘Your Council/Rates’ link





Payments can be made directly from your bank account by using telephone/internet banking or contacting your participating Financial Institution. Councils Biller Code and Customer Reference Number are located on the bottom of the notice.

Please ensure correct reference numbers are used or late payment interest charges may apply.


Credit card payments (MasterCard or Visa) can be made by phoning the Bogan Shire Council office (02) 6835 9000.


 Please detach the payment slip and return it together with yourcheque or credit card details to:

                                Bogan Shire Council

                                PO Box 221

                                NYNGAN  NSW  2825


Arrangements can be made to pay rates and water by weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly instalments from a nominated bank account.


Payments can be made between 8.00am and 4.15pm Monday to Friday at:

Bogan Shire Council

Administration Office

81 Cobar Street, Nyngan

Please note interest is charged on overdue amounts at 7.5% per annum calculated daily. Dishonoured cheque and returned payment fee of $20 will apply to any returned payments.




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New South Wales

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